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  • How do I choose the color of the PowerMe cable?

    You should register first! Go to the Login page and follow instructions to register, or to import your Indiegogo profile.
    Then, you will find the My Order category in your personal menu, at the upper-left side of the screen.

  • Can I get a refund?

    Sure, but please let us know at least one week before we ship!

  • What if my cable is defective?

    We test every cable before shipping. In the unlikely case you face some issue contact us, we can still send you another one. We might ask you to take photos or a video of the defective cable. Please understand that this is needed to avoid being frauded, and that a huge loss would reflect on higher retail prices.

  • Are there custom fees for my order?

    There are no custom fees inside the European Union. Outside the EU, this is something out of our control. Usually on small orders there are no custom fees, while you might encounter them on bigger orders. Custom fees are to be paid by the recipient.

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  • How is PowerMe Cable packaged?

    PowerMe Cable comes in a simple and economic plastic bag.
    We don't want to raise the price of the cable to add some kind of useless packaging that most people will throw away anyway.
    A premium packaging option might be available later.